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Jack and the bean stalk

Jack and the Beanstalk

Once upon a time there lived a boy named Jack. Jack and his mother were very poor. One day, Jack took their cow to the market to sell. On the way, he met a man.

The Man          : Where are you going Jack?
Jack                  : I want to sell my cow to the market

The Man          : May I exchange your cow with the magic beans!
Jack                   : Magic beans? What for is it?

The Man           : You will be rich with this magic beans!
Jack                   : Oh Yeah, How can it help me to be rich?
The man           : Trust me Jack, you will be rich with these magic beans!

Then Jack took the beans and gave the cow to the man. Arriving at home, Jack’s mother was very angry.

Mother             : Jack, what is this?
Jack                   : Umm, magic beans, Mom!
Mother             : Magic beans? Where did you get it from? What is it for,we need
much money not the beans! Is not useful!
Jack                   : No mom, No, Don’t be angry!

The next day, Jack opened and looked out the window and saw a beanstalk growing up highly. He tried to climb up the beanstalk . At the top he saw a huge house. He knocked on the door and the giant’s wife opened the door.

The giant’s wife    : Who are you boy?
Jack                          : I’m Jack
The giant’s wife    : Jack, what are you doing here?
Jack                          : Let me thinking. Mmm… Nothing
The giant’s wife    : Be careful, if my husband knows you he will be angry and
eat you. Hurry up to hide!

Sudenly, Jack heard the giant’s sound, and the giant come forward Jack.

The Giant               : Fee Fi Fo Fum, I smell the blood of a man! Who is he?
The giant’s wife answered “No one, dear! I have been here for along time but I don’t see anyone!”

The giant sat down and asked his hen to lay an egg. The giant’s hen laid golden eggs. When the giant went to sleep, Jack picked up the hen and climbed down the beanstalk. Jack gave the golden eggs to his mother, and his mother sold it to the market, His mother got a lot of money.

The next morning, Jack climbed up the beanstalk again. He wanted to find something else from the giant’s home. This time, Jack saw the giant was talking to the harp.
The Giant               :Oh my magic harp, I hope you keep me when I sleep ! Shout up if someone touch you !
Harp                         : Of course my master, I will always keep you. Please, have a sleep, my master!
When the giant went to sleep Jack tried to picked up the harp. But the harp shouted.
Harp                         : Master! Wake up! There is someone stealing me, master, wake up, help me!

The giant woke up and come forward the harp, but the harp was lost, “Fee Fi Fo Fum, I smell the blood of a man.”

Jack ran to the beanstalk and climbed down. The giant climbed down after him. When Jack reach to the bottom of the beanstalk, he was panic, He wanted to cut the beanstalk down. He asked his mother for an axe.

Jack                        : Mother, give me the axe, The giant wants to kill me, Mother give me the axe!
Jack took the axe and chopped down the beanstalk.The giant fell into a big hole and disappeared. Finally, Jack and his mother lived happily with the hen and the harp forever.

*What do we learn from this story? Well, to be successful, we must be smart and clever to act and solve the problems we get in our life.


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