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Principle of curriculum development


  1. What educational purposes should the school seek to attain.

It means that one of the most important components of the curriculum is the objectives  that sould be achieved in each level of education, elementary school, secondary school and high school. Farther more, we should find out the objectives of each sbject matter such as English, math, science etc.

  1. What aducational axperiences can be provided that likely to attain the purposes

Preparing the experiences, method, tehnique and the ways to achieve the objectives is also an important thing to be the guidance for the teachers implementing the curriculum at school.

  1. How can the educational experiences be effectivly organized

We have to plan and orgaize the appropriate method, tehnique and the ways to achieve the goals  efectively.

  1. How can we determine whether these purposes are being attained or not

To make sure  whether the purposes are being attained or not, of course we have to do evaluation. We have to evaluate all the experiences without exception. And this evaluation should be conducted continously by the evaluator, in order to develop curriculum from time to time.

My comments toward the Tyler’s principles:

I think, I agree with these four basic principles in developing curriculum. But, if I could give an addition, I believe that beside those four basic principles we also have to be aware of the trends and issues in developing curriculum. For example in Indonesia, since year 2000 until now, terrorism still exist in our country and even more creative than before and more intellectual people took a part on it. Based on this fact, might be terrorism topic could be included in the curriculum like nowadays, to give more understanding about terrorism in society especially to young generation. In conclusion, we have to think about the trends and issues happened in that country in developing curriculum.


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